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University of Bath

Professor Ajit Mishra MA, PhD Head of Department of Economics

Professor Ajit Mishra is responsible for the teaching, research and overall strategic planning of the Department of Economics.


Ajit is a Professor of Development Economics at the University of Bath. He joined the erstwhile Department of Economics and International Development in 2007 and continued with the Department of Economics after 2009.


  • Corruption and development
  • Poverty and vulnerability
  • Inequality and development
  • Informality in developing countries
  • Law and economics of enforcement

This person is available to supervise research degree projects


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Ajit has been engaged in research and lecturing at various universities including the University of Bath, University of Dundee (UK), and the Delhi School of Economics (India).

While on leave from Bath, he served as the Director of the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi, and he has had visiting positions at several institutions including Cornell University, Boston University, Ashoka University, and the World Bank.

He has been an Associate Editor of the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization since 2017.


He holds a PhD in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics (India), having completed his MA at the same institute.