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University of Bath

Professor Eleonora Fichera MSc, PhD Head of Department of Economics

Professor Eleonora Fichera (Acting Head of Department) is responsible for the teaching, research and overall strategic planning of the Department of Economics.


Eleonora is a Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Bath. She joined the Department of Economics in March 2017.

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Senior Lecturer in Economics


  • Education and health
  • Health outcomes and behaviours over the lifecycle
  • Policy evaluation of government interventions on health
  • Economic resources and health

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Since January 2022 Eleonora has been co-Editor of Health Economics, including its Letters section. Previously, she was working at the Manchester Centre for Health Economics, the University of Manchester where she held an MRC Early Career Fellowship in Economics of Health (2013-2016).


Eleonora attained her PhD in Economics at the University of Nottingham, her MSc in Economics at University College London, and her BA at Bocconi University (Milan).