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University of Bath

Elisabeth Barratt Hacking Head of Department of Education

Elisabeth Barratt Hacking is responsible for the research, teaching and strategic planning of the Department of Education.


Elisabeth was appointed as Head of the Department of Education in March 2024. Before this, she was Deputy Head of the Department of Education.

Elisabeth has over 30 years of experience as a lecturer and researcher in Higher Education.


Elisabeth's research interests relate to childhood, environment and education. Her work has been published widely in the fields of environmental education, education for sustainability, climate change education and global citizenship education.

She has been involved in numerous educational research projects over many years with schools and NGOs, students, teachers and leaders. Much of this research has focused on children’s and young people’s perspectives, employing participatory methodologies in educational and community contexts.

Elisabeth is leading an interdisciplinary research beacon at the University of Bath: ‘Living Well Now and by 2050’. This research focuses on how to improve social and ecological justice by engendering new and inclusive practices of living well.

This person is available to supervise research degree projects


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