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Bath Beacon: Living well now and by 2050

Living well now and by 2050 is a Bath Beacon improving social and environmental justice by engendering new and inclusive practices of living well.

About the Bath Beacon

More on the Bath Beacon for living well now and by 2050.

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Ms Elisabeth Barratt Hacking, Department of Education, and Dr Philippe Blondel, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering, lead this Beacon which aims to improve social and environmental justice, transform decision-making on environmental change and engender new practices of living well.

Aligned to the current Climate Action Framework implemented at the University of Bath, the Beacon explores how knowledge, values and skills can be harnessed to develop better (more ecological, biodiverse and ethically relational) environmental futures; what living well within environmental limits will look like, be like, feel like; and how government, industry, third sector, educational organisations and grass-roots communities can be encouraged and enabled to make the transitions required.

Amongst the research questions we will consider:

  • what does it mean to live well within environmental limits?
  • what do people consider living well to be?
  • how will change be experienced and enacted by different groups with differing degrees of privilege?
  • how will living well be experienced in different geopolitical spaces?

The Beacon seeks to develop ‘living well’ as a holistic conceptual framework for human and planetary wellbeing. This Beacon will adopt a Living Labs methodology to foster dialogue, engagement and action through interdisciplinary, intergenerational, community and cross stakeholder participation. This innovative way of researching aims to provoke new insights and solutions for living well now and by 2050. We welcome new members from the University of Bath community.

Beacon members

The core members from the University of Bath who make up the Bath Beacon team for living well now and by 2050.

News, Events and Publications

Here you can find recent activity from this Beacon.


  • Living Well Now and in 2050 Stakeholder Workshops on Tuesday 17 May 2pm - 4pm (Online) and Tuesday 24 May 2pm - 5pm at Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution. Please contact Aurelie Charles and Yixian Sun for further information.

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Contact us

Contact the Bath Beacon team at the Living Well email address.