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University of Bath

Brem Anand Jagannathan Krishnan High Performance Computing Systems Developer

Brem designs and develops new technologies to support our evolving cloud environment and advise HPC users on the best use of cloud technology.


Responsibilities include:

  • Designing and developing a cost optimised Phase 2 cloud environment
  • Utilising software engineering best practices to deliver fast, scalable, and secure research computing solutions
  • Performance enhancement of existing software technology to deliver desired research computing outcomes
  • Providing expert help to academic researchers, other software engineers and support teams.


Brem has over ten years of experience in software product design and development from multiple global technology companies.

He has strong knowledge of HPC domains on Linux/Windows platforms, cloud HPC solutions, data structure and algorithms.

Brem has extensive programming experience in C and Python with work experience spanning system programming (process, signals, and IPC), socket programming (TCP/UDP) and Linux utilities.

Before joining Research Computing, Brem worked at Altair as an HPC cloud computing software engineer. Prior to that, he worked with IBM ISL & HCL technologies as a Software Developer for three years.


  • Bachelor of Technology in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Pondicherry Engineering College, Puducherry, India