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University of Bath

Fiona Pettengale Pre-Award Development Officer

Fiona advises academic staff on the preparation of their research proposals and acceptance of research awards.


Fiona supports:

  • Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Pharmacy and Pharmacology
  • Economics

Fiona works Monday-Thursday.

Preparation of Proposals

As your Pre-Award Development Officer, Fiona is responsible for:

  • training on using the University's Proposal to Award Management costing system
  • advising on compliance with internal and external procedures when applying for funding
  • checking all external research funding applications

Most major funders now have electronic submission systems, submitting your proposal via the Pre-Award team. Allow at least five working days for Fiona to check and submit your proposal.

Acceptance of Research Awards

If your proposal is successful, Fiona is responsible for:

  • checking terms and conditions of funding offers prior to signature or formal acceptance
  • preparing budgets for internal approval