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University of Bath

Melanie Torrance SWC Projects and Facilities Management Officer

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I’ve worked at the University for six years in Humanities and Social Sciences then in the School of Management. I am interested in promoting healthy ways of working, I'm the Health & Safety Coordinator for the School, organise wellbeing events. I’m particularly interested in helping women navigate the menopause and help to host the regular University Menopause Meetups.

Wellbeing Statement

I feel it’s important to raise awareness of mental health issues and to break the stigma around poor mental health. I want to help create a culture where we can speak about mental health problems in the same way as we would physical health and where all staff have access to the wellbeing services they need.


I love reading and listen to lots of audio books, I'm hoping to write a book – some day! I'm keen on experimenting with the use of natural dyes and bring this into my craft pastimes and I love to bake and use this skill in the many university wellbeing cake sales.


Trained in

  • Mental health first aid