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University of Bath

Dr Georgie Wellock Research Software Engineer

Georgie works across the University to help academic colleagues develop and maintain the software tools they need to achieve their research objectives.


Research Software Engineers (RSEs) play a crucial role in all stages of research projects and the software development cycle.

They help develop funding proposals, streamline and scale data analysis, optimise algorithms, and help ensure research findings are reproducible.

As a central team RSE, Georgie advises academic colleagues across campus on how to develop and maintain the software tools they need to achieve their research objectives.

Responsibilities include:

  • provide software development training and facilitate best practice knowledge sharing.
  • help academic colleagues identify the right software solutions to meet their research objectives.
  • support researchers using Bath’s Nimbus cloud supercomputer.
  • collaborate with academic colleagues to develop funding proposals that precisely define and document a research project's high performance computing requirements.
  • promote best practices and sustainability at all stages of the software development lifecycle.


Before joining the Research Computing team, Georgie worked as a research software engineer for two large research programmes:

  • Working for the Tobacco Control Research Group she developed automated data collection software to meet research needs and implemented improved data analysis methods.
  • For the C-THRU research project she helped convert inconsistently formatted emissions data into Linked Data using the Resource Description Framework and the PRObs ontology to evaluate data consistency and improve usability.


  • PhD in Chemistry, University of Bath
  • BSc in Chemistry, University of Plymouth