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University of Bath

Dr Georgie Wellock Research Software Engineer

Georgie helps academic colleagues develop sustainable research software and teaches python, git, CI and best coding practices.


Georgie's current work focuses on automating big data collection and analysis from publicly available web sources.

Georgie is interested in making computing and software development accessible to researchers who ordinarily wouldn't have used research computing in their work.

During her PhD, Georgie was heavily involved with assisting undergraduate Python Courses. She continues to be involved with software workshops and is interested in helping with cloud based computing.


Georgie's personal research interests are in ionic transport in solid electrolyte materials and development of solid state batteries, numerical methods and machine learning algorithms. She has a passion for promoting software sustainability and helping make research more reproducible.


Georgie received a BSc in Chemistry at the University of Plymouth before moving onto Bath where she received her PhD in Computational Chemistry. Her PhD focused on developing software for modelling ionic conductivities in solid materials for use in state batteries and oxide fuel cells.