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University of Bath

Stephen Boyle Research Software Engineer

Stephen works on the C-THRU research project, which aims to produce a comprehensive model of emissions produced within petrochemical industry processes.


Stephen's work is focused on optimising the carbon emissions model by incorporating missing data and addressing issues related to conflicting data in material flow modelling within the industry.

He is also developing ways to visualise material flows and emissions between industry processes.

When developed, the comprehensive emissions model can be used to identify interventions and innovations that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in petrochemical industry processes.


Stephen has previously worked as an IT support engineer at North Wiltshire District Council and Wiltshire Council. He has also worked as a supporter of CAD systems at the University of Wolverhampton.


  • B.Sc. in Computing & IT and Mathematics, Open University
  • PhD in Communications, University of Bristol.

Areas of specialisation: Optimisation of drone camera shots and photogrammetry for 3D environment models.