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University of Bath

Dr Ben Groombridge Teaching Technician (Medicinal Chemistry)

Ben is responsible for providing teaching support within the teaching laboratories of the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology.


Ben is primarily responsible for ensuring the organisation, set up and smooth running of Chemistry-based undergraduate laboratory practicals. He maintains and troubleshoots problems with a variety of analytical and synthetic equipment, from HPLCs, rotary evaporators and UV-Vis spectrometers to gas chromatography spectrometers. During practical classes he demonstrates how to use equipment and helps with data analysis and calculations students may struggle with.


Ben is an experienced laboratory chemist with a demonstrated history of working in the Higher Education industry. He is skilled in Spectroscopy, Organometallic, Polymer and Synthetic Chemistry with excellent creative problem solving skills.


PhD focused in Chemistry from the Queen Mary University of London and a Bachelor of Science (BSc Hons.) in Chemistry from the University of Bath.