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AutoNote, a notes and lab script generation tool

This learning and teaching innovation project was funded by the Teaching Development Fund in 2020/21.

Project status

In progress


Project started on 1 Jul 2021

Project leader: Dr Jonathan Graham-Harper-Cater, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Accessibility is a key element in the design of all taught content and digital notes. With the innovative approach outlined by Bath Blend, our reliance on digital notes is ever increasing, further emphasising the importance of meeting accessibility standards. Existing methods often result in elements within PDF documents, such as equations, that are inaccessible to Screen-reader technologies. Removing these key elements would negatively impact a student’s education and it is therefore imperative that an accessible alternative is identified.

This project, which was awarded funding by the Teaching Development Fund (TDF), explores the development of an open-source tool to help automate generation of fully accessible notes with built in support for complex elements such as equations or code snippets. These notes are natively compatible with all digital devices making the experience better for all students. Taking mark-down input, it compiles fully accessible static web pages that are designed to integrate within a Moodle workflow. A prototype of this tool already exists, and has seen successful use within the Electronic & Electrical Engineering Department.