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Co-producing a digital resource to help students with procrastination

This learning and teaching innovation project was funded by the Teaching Development Fund (Seed) in 2022/23.



Project status

In progress


Project started on 1 Aug 2023

Project Lead: Dr Jeffrey Lambert, Department for Health

This project, which was awarded funding by the Teaching Development Fund (TDF) Seed, Procrastination is common and affects approximately half of the student population (Rozental & Carlbring, 2014) (Rozental et al., 2015) and is associated with poorer academic performance (Kim & Seo, 2015). The ‘Procrastinate’ programme is a digital self-help programme which has been shown to reduce procrastination in Swedish adults and university students (Rozental et al., 2015, 2018). Procrastinate contains eight modules and is based on cognitive behavioural therapy. Each module includes information and activities to complete. The ‘Procrastinate’ programme could be a useful resource for students at the University of Bath. However, it was originally developed in a Swedish context and intended to be delivered intensively over 8-weeks for students struggling with particularly high levels of procrastination, and with guidance from psychological therapists. A shortened, entirely self-help programme, redesigned for the University of Bath could provide resources for students to manage their procrastination. This could in turn lead to positive outcomes such as improved student wellbeing, academic performance and reduced coursework extension requests. The TDF Seed funding would enable us to work with students and staff to adapt the programme into a shortened acceptable recourse to help students manage their procrastination.