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Digital skills baseline and support for staff and students in the time of Covid-19

This learning and teaching innovation project was funded by the Teaching Development Fund in 2019/20.

Project status



11 May 2020 to 1 Jul 2021

Project leader: Dr Christopher Bonfield, Centre for Learning & Teaching

This project was designed to enable the institution to support staff and students to audit and reflect on their own digital skills, and to provide a common platform for signposting support materials. The project created a baseline of our staff and students’ digital skills by trialling the Jisc Digital Capabilities Discovery Tool. It aimed to address a number of areas, including online learning, assessment and general digital skills.

Dr Bonfield reported successful completion of the project. By June 2021, 299 staff and 923 students had self-assessed their digital skills. The project has highlighted the need for staff and students to be confident in a range of digital capabilities. The project also led to the roll out of the Jisc digital experience insights study in April 2021 by the CLT’s Student Engagement team.

As a result of the project, digital skills has an increased presence on the University’s web and communications platforms, including the MySkills Hub, CLT Hub and Learning and Development web page. A full evaluative report of this project is available on the Teaching Development Fund web pages.

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