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Training and support of Postgraduates who Teach (PGwTs) at the University of Bath

This learning and teaching innovation project was funded by the Teaching Development Shape Fund in 2022/23



Project status

In progress


Project started on 1 Aug 2024

Dr Gail Forey, Department of Education & Dr Monia Mtar, School of Management

The project, which was funded by the Teaching Development Fund (TDF) Shape in 2022/23, at the University existing training and support provided to PGwTs is limited, inconsistent and fragmented, yet PGwTs play an important role in the delivery of our teaching offering and teaching experience is an important part of PhD students’ career development. There is a need to develop a more comprehensive and evidence-based understanding of the practices in place. This project aims to provide a systematic assessment of the training and support offered to PGwTs and its effectiveness within the University.

We will gather data from students’ and staffs’ perspectives on their experiences of the training and support available to PGwTs across selected departments and the University. A multi-method approach incorporating qualitative and quantitative research tools will be used, including survey(s), interviews and focus groups. Our study aims to gather evidence on how well the existing training and support provision at departmental and University-levels works, best practices, gaps in the support provided.

Findings will lead to recommendations that can inform policy and practices across the university to enhance the teaching development of PGwTs. We will showcase and disseminate the findings through webinars, workshops in departments and across the university, and at higher education conferences demonstrating education excellence at the University.

The Project leads will report back on this project in summer 2024.