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University of Bath

Contractor Health and Safety Induction Template

This presentation provides a template for departments to induct contractors working on their behalf.

This presentation provides the key health and safety information that Departments are required to provide to the Contractors that they employ. Departments can develop their own unique contractor induction training if they want to. They are also free to add in additional information to the provided template if they wish to provide additional guidance for contractors. This could include providing lists of key contacts or information about local rules or procedures not otherwise included in the template.

If you want advice or guidance on developing your own department specific training or modifying the provided template then please contact the University's Safety, Health and Employee Wellbeing Service.

Once contractors have been inducted, departments should ask them to sign a declaration confirming that they have received an induction and have understood the information that they have been provided. A copy of this declaration should be maintained by the department. A Contractor Induction Record template can be downloaded below.