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University of Bath

HPCBytes Newsletter February 2024

HPCBytes Research Computing Newsletter (February 2024): Research Highlight, Technical Content, HPC Updates and Tip of the Month

In February 2024's edition:

Research Highlight:

Crushing Numbers, Breaking Concrete: Using Nimbus for the Finite Element Analysis of Concrete Thin-Shells HPC User (Maxime) discusses the finite element simulation studies performed with his ANSYS based workflow to understand the structural behaviour of concrete thin -shells. He highlights how he achieved 50x performance boost which accelerated his research output and helping him in completing the work timely.

HPC Article Series:

Scientific Applications Containerization with Singularity on Nimbus
This article delves into the crucial aspect of code portability across the platforms using Singularity containers. Here it is shown how the containers can be used on Nimbus using Singularity.