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University of Bath

Resources for the Teams Calling migration

Find information about the process and the resources you'll need to migrate your department to Teams Calling.

Your Department's Migration

Migrating your department will involve the following steps:

  1. Review your extension numbers ​
  2. Note and confirm your requirements​:

    • Review the spreadsheet guidance
    • Migrate or disconnect
    • Auto Attendant (AA)
    • Headsets or handsets​
    • Headset delivery location​
    • Budget code​
    • Mark as complete
  3. Advise your team​

  4. Signpost to, and/or arrange, support​

  5. Migration ​

    • Individuals​
    • Common areas and shared phones​
  6. Collection of old handsets via Estates​

  7. Wall mounting (if applicable) via Estates​

To download these files, you must be connected to the University of Bath network or log in with your University username and password.