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University of Bath


We are a statutory body representing the interests of the University's internal and external constituencies.

Court is a forum which brings together members of the University community and its stakeholders and enables them to exchange ideas on matters of shared interest or concern. It meets at least once a year. Court does not take part in the day-to-day oversight of the affairs of the University or in the decision-making process, except for its role in the approval of amendments to the University Charter.

Please refer to our meeting dates and the minutes of our meetings.

    Court is chaired by the University Chancellor or, in his absence, one of the Pro-Chancellors. Following recent reforms, it has been reduced in size to a total of 93 members in 13 categories, each representing a different constituency of stakeholders. About 20 of its members are automatically appointed to Court because of the office that they hold. The remainder are either elected or appointed into their post and serve a maximum of three, three-year terms.

    Court is established under clause 11 of the University Charter. Its membership is determined by the provisions of section 13 of the University Statutes, Ordinance 6 and the Framework for Elections and Appointments to Court. Its terms of reference are set out in section 15 of the University Statutes. The procedures at Court are set out in its Standing Orders.


    Court’s membership was revised in 2021. Following final agreement by Court on 28 January 2021 and Council on 22 July 2021, the Privy Council, who must approve all changes to University Statutes, agreed on 18 August 2021 to reduce membership to a maximum of 93 members.

    The Court now consists of the Chancellor and Pro-Chancellors ex officio and a total of 93 members, as follows:

    (a) Fourteen current members of staff of the University, including ex officio, the Chair of Academic Assembly

    • Professor Alan Hayes, Chair of Academic Assembly
    • Professor James Davenport
    • Professor Jane White
    • Vacancy
    • Dr Steve Wharton
    • Dr Rob Branston
    • Dr Sabina Gheduzzi
    • Dr Helen Featherstone
    • Dr Chloe Turner
    • Dr Judith Brown
    • Andie Barlow
    • Adrian Price
    • Michael Storey
    • Vacancy

    (b) Fourteen current students and student sabbatical officers of the University

    • Alexander Robinson, Students' Union President, ex officio
    • Julia Kildyushova, Students' Union Education Officer, ex officio
    • Elizabeth Stacey, Students' Union Sport Officer, ex officio
    • Blake Walker, Students' Union Community Officer, ex officio
    • Jura Neverauskaite, Students' Union Postgraduate Officer, ex officio
    • Viktor Toshev, Students' Union Activities Officer, ex officio
    • Gaurang Agarwal
    • Matthew Houghton
    • Luca Volentir
    • Elizabeth Dark
    • Titus Hiller
    • Zisis Tzifas Kratiras
    • Youssef Asaad
    • Nathan Roberts

    (c) Six office holders

    • Professor Ian White DL, FREng, Vice-Chancellor and President, ex officio
    • Professor Phil Allmendinger, Deputy Vice-Chancellor
    • Professor Julian Chaudhuri, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)
    • Professor Sarah Hainsworth, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
    • Professor Cassie Wilson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience)
    • Dr Randolf Cooper, Interim Chief Operating Officer

    (d) Six members of the Council of the University

    • Pam Chesters CBE, Chair of Council, ex officio
    • Callum Mercer, University Treasurer, ex officio
    • Tim Ford, Senior Independent Director, ex officio
    • Maria Bond, member of Council
    • Christine Gibbons, member of Council
    • Charlotte Moar, member of Council

    (e) Ten Emeritus Professors of the University

    • Professor Alan Bramley
    • Professor David Collard
    • Professor Geoff Hammond
    • Professor Hartmut Logemann
    • Professor Jane Millar
    • Professor Bernie Morley
    • Professor Peter Redfern
    • Professor Jonathan Slack
    • Professor Jeff Thompson
    • Professor Geof Wood

    (f) Six alumni of the University

    • Derek Brewer
    • Dr Vivian Ching
    • Dr Trevor Elworthy
    • Steve Huckvale
    • Gehan Wanduragala
    • Snow Wu

    (g) Six representatives of local and regional elected bodies

    • Vera Hobhouse, Member of Parliament for Bath, ex officio
    • Councillor Dine Romero, Mayor of Bath, ex officio
    • Councillor Kevin Guy, Leader of Bath and North East Somerset Council, ex officio
    • Councillor Sarah Moore, Chair of Bath and North East Somerset Council, ex officio
    • Dan Norris, Mayor of the West of England Combined Authority, ex officio
    • Richard Bonner, Chair of West of England Local Enterprise Partnership, ex officio

    (h) Eight representatives of communities of strategic importance to the University

    • Jamie Agombar
    • Pete Capener
    • Professor Barry Gilbertson
    • Mark Hepworth
    • Drew Ritchie
    • Vacancy
    • Vacancy
    • Vacancy

    (i) Six representatives of local or regional educational institutions or trusts

    • Professor Georgina Andrews, nominee of Vice-Chancellor, Bath Spa University, ex officio
    • Jayne Davis, Principal and Chief Executive Officer, Bath College, ex officio
    • Marian Curran, Principal, St Brendan's Sixth Form College
    • Jason Tudor, Principal, Kingsbury Green Academy
    • Ann Cusack, Headteacher, St Gregory's
    • Dr Paul Phillips CBE, Principal and Chief Executive, Weston College

    (j) Five representatives of research funders and business partners

    • Chris Watt
    • Ben Rhodes
    • David Kelly
    • John Buckingham
    • Dawn Bonfield MBE

    (k) Five representatives of employers, placement providers and professional bodies

    • Gary Davies
    • Chris Eldridge
    • Lynne Fernquest
    • Kimberley Bingham
    • Vacancy

    (l) Four members of the University’s international stakeholder community

    • Professor Penny Jane Burke
    • Professor Felix Goni
    • Professor Hester Klopper
    • Professor Antonio Ferrer-Montiel

    (m) Three representatives of the campus trade unions who are not members of the University

    • Robert Brain
    • Dr Justine Mercer
    • Dr Chris Roche