Terms of Reference

Approved by the Priviy Council in 1996, revised in 2000 and 2006.

The Court shall have the following functions:

  • To make representations pursuant to Article 4 of the Charter for the appointment of a Visitor.
  • After consideration of such reports or recommendations as are required by these Statutes to appoint the Chancellor and Pro-Chancellors.
  • To receive from the Vice-Chancellor an Annual Report on the working of the University and to receive the annual audited Statement of Accounts of the University.
  • On the joint recommendation of the Council and the Senate to amend, add to or repeal any Article of the Charter in accordance with Article 29 of the Charter.
  • To make representations to the Council on any matter affecting the University.

Procedural Rules

  • Procedure: Sections 13-15 of the Statutes, Ordinance 7
  • Appointment of Chair: Chancellor (or Pro-Chancellor in the absence of the Chancellor)
  • Co-option: See Section 13 of the Statutes
  • Alternates: None specified
  • Quorum: 25 members (Section 28.1 of the Statutes)
  • Rules for voting: None specified
  • Minutes: Submitted to Council

Standing Orders of Court

If you have any questions relating to Court email court@bath.ac.uk