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Court terms of reference

The terms of reference for the University Court, including its functions and procedural rules.


Terms of reference

University Statutes - Section 15

Court: meetings and functions

15.1 Court shall meet at least once in every academic year and within fifteen months of the preceding meeting at such day and hour as may be determined by the Council and with such notice as is specified in the Standing Orders of Court.

15.2 Court shall have the following functions:

a) To make representation pursuant to Article 4 of the Charter for the appointment of a Visitor.
b) To receive from the Vice-Chancellor an Annual Report on the working of the University and to receive the annual audited Statement of Accounts of the University.
c) On the joint recommendation of the Council and the Senate to amend, add to or repeal any Article of the Charter in accordance with Article 29 of the Charter.
d) To make representations to the Council on any matter affecting the University.

Version information

Owner: Court
Version number:
Approval Date: 1996, revised in 2000 and 2006
Approved By: Privy Council
Date of last review: 2006


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