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University of Bath

Department of Mathematical Sciences postgraduate research students

We are postgraduate research students working on a variety of projects across a range of mathematical themes.

We are part of the vibrant research culture in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, integrated in its research groups.

PhD students in Mathematical Sciences

    Student Supervisor 1 Supervisor 2 Project title
    ABDI, Yasir SAMBa first year
    ABRAHAM, Daniel Dr Miles Wheeler Highly nonlinear solutions to the steady Euler equations
    ALFARAJ, Abdulmuhsin Dr Daniel Loughran Dr Lewis Topley Rational points on varieties
    ANDERSEN, Cecilie Dr Philippe Trinh Prof Paul Milewski Hybrid asymptotic-numerical schemes for exponentially small selection mechanisms
    ARMFIELD, Wilfred Dr Cecile Mailler Dr Daniel Kious The n-city problem and other probabilistic optimisation problems
    ARORA, Kamran SAMBa first year
    ARRATIA LOPEZ, Pablo Dr Matthias Ehrhardt Dr Lisa Kreusser Solving Dynamic Inverse Problems with Physics-Informed Neural Networks
    AUDONE, Gianluca Dr Matthew Nunes Dr Philippe Blondel Mathematical and statistical analysis of time series data to quantify trends and events in ocean noise
    AVERKIOU, Averkios Prof Monica Musso Singularity formation in evolutionary problems
    BABASOLA, Oluwatosin Prof Chris Budd Dr Ben Adams The effects of climate variation on cocoa farming in Ghana
    BARLOW, Abigail Dr Ben Adams Dr Sarah Penington Epidemiological dynamics in populations with demographic and spatial structure
    BOETTI, Chiara Dr Matthew Nunes Statistical Applied Mathematics
    BUCKINGHAM, Lydia Dr Ben Ashby Dr Nicholas Priest Host-pathogen dynamics in the evolution of ageing and immunity
    BUSEGHIN, Federico Prof Manuel Del Pino Prof Monica Musso Blow-up for the three-dimensional axially symmetric Keller-Segel system
    BUTTERWORTH, Elliot Prof Tim Rogers Investigating evolution and complexity with stochastic models
    CAIRD, Ellis Prof Alastair King Prof Alastair Craw The structure of Grassmanian cluster categories
    CAMERON, Charles SAMBa first year
    CHELTSOV, Ivan Dr Clarice Poon Dr Tony Shardlow Dimension reduction techniques for large scale optimization
    CHEN, Guannan Dr Pranav Singh Prof Chris Budd Quantum algorithms for Hamiltonian simulation
    CHEN, Libo Dr Lisa Kreusser Prof Chris Budd Mathematical modelling in climate sciencer
    CHRONHOLM, Maria Prof Tristan Pryer Statistical Applied Mathematics
    CIURCA, Tudor Dr Daniel Loughran Prof Gregory Sankaran Abelian varieties and Prym varieties
    DAVIES, Jack Dr Andrea Pizzoferrato Prof Tim Rogers Application of Physical-Mathematical models to Blockchain Networks
    DAVIS, Thomas Dr Alex Cox Prof Andreas Kyprianou Monte Carlo Methods for Particle Systems and the Neutron Transport Equation
    DE ARMAS BELLON, Diana Dr Matthew Roberts Statistical Applied Mathematics
    DE OLIVEIRA MADEIRA, Joao Luiz Dr Sarah Penington Dr Marcel Ortgiese Fitness in Expanding Populations
    DEAN, Christopher Dr Cecile Mailler Prof Mathew Penrose Limit theorems for Pólya urns with initial composition tending to infinity with time
    DORAN, James Dr Ruth Bowness Dr Kit Yates Developing multi-scale mathematical models of infectious diseases
    DUFF, Margaret Dr Matthias Ehrhardt Dr Neill Campbell Generative models applied to inverse problems
    DVORSAK, Neza Dr Thomas Burnett Prof Christopher Jennison Using missing data methods to inform interim decision-making in adaptive clinical trials
    ELSOM, Henry Dr Christian Rohrbeck Dr Matthew Nunes Development of Bayesian clustering algorithms for extreme value analysis
    EVANS, Matthew Prof Tristan Pryer Dr Luca Zanetti Finite element methods for Boltzmann neutron transport equation on polygonal and polyhedral meshes
    FAHY, Patrick Dr Matthias Ehrhardt Statistical Applied Mathematics
    FIRMO, Michele Dr Silvia Gazzola Dr Tony Shardlow Bayesian inference for low-resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in porous media
    GALBALLY, Benjamin Prof Roger Moser Prof Monica Musso Variational problems for maps between manifolds
    GALLAGHER, Robert Prof Roger Moser Dr Hartmut Schwetlick Minimising maximum curvature
    GRAZIESCHI, Paolo Prof Hendrik Weber Dr Sarah Penington Convergence of the three-dimensional Ising-Kac model to Φ 34
    GUTIERREZ CASTILLO, Eric Dr Matthias Ehrhardt Prof Euan Spence Taming large-scale optimization with randomization
    HE, Jiazhi Dr Daniel Loughran Dr Xiuping Su Rational Points on Varieties
    HUBBARD, Austin Prof Alastair Craw Prof Euan Spence Quiver moduli spaces for noncommutative crepant resolutions in dimension three
    INOUE, Joshua Dr Matthew Nunes Dr Sandipan Roy Developing efficient statistical tools for problems arising in spatio-temporal modelling
    JELINCIC, Andraz Dr James Foster Prof Neill Campbell 1) Applications of Stochastic Differential Equations in Data Science; 2) Robust Bayesian inference through interacting particle algorithms
    JONES, Christian Dr Jonathan Evans Prof Jeyabal Sivaloganathan Viscoelastic Flows of White-Metzner Type Fluids
    JUNEMAN, Rowan Prof Monica Musso Prof Manuel Del Pino Gluing methods for Gross-Pitaevskii vortex dynamics
    KIM, Na Eun Dr Matthew Nunes Dr Alex Cox Efficient Bayesian inference and recycling of features in data analysis problems
    KOWALEWSKI, Rosa Dr David Tsang Dr Karsten Matthies Nonconservative action principles from mean-flow interactions
    KUMAR, Bharati Dr Jonathan Bartlett Prof Christopher Jennison Statistical methods for handling non-proportional hazards in clinical trials
    KÜPPER, Niclas Prof Mathew Penrose Dr Cecile Mailler Percolation on Soft Random Geometric Graphs
    KYNASTON, Joshua Dr Kit Yates Dr Chris Guiver Multiscale Modelling and Stochastic Uncertainty Quantification in Aerospace Composites
    LEE, Corin Prof Gregory Sankaran Prof James Davenport Topics in Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition
    LEGG, Andrew Dr Tristan Pryer Prof Chris Budd Fluid flow through a variably saturated porous medium
    LIM, Yi Sheng Prof Kirill Cherednichenko Prof Hendrik Weber Localization of waves in random resonant media
    LIU, Ruchen Dr Matthew Nunes Dr Sandipan Roy Mathematical methods for differential privacy in clinical research
    LOCKYER, Henry Dr Pranav Singh Dr Eike Mueller Data driven splitting and composition algorithms
    MA, Sizheng Dr Lisa Kreusser Prof Chris Budd Mathematical modelling for arctic ice sheets
    MAHMOOD, Adeeb Dr Thomas Burnett Statistical Applied Mathematics
    MARTIN, James Dr Luca Zanetti Prof Tim Rogers Learning problems on graphs
    MCCALLUM, Samuel SAMBa first year
    MEDINA JIMENEZ, Sonny Prof Andreas Kyprianou Dr Alex Cox Excursions from Hyperplanes for Isotropic Stable Processes
    MILES, Daniel Dr Sandipan Roy Dr Vangelis Evangelou Multivariate Regression on High-Dimensional Networks
    MOTALA, Mehar Prof Andreas Kyprianou Dr Alex Cox Problems in self-similar Markov processes
    MURTINU, Marco Dr Alex Cox Dr Kari Heine Stochastic Optimal Control for problems arising in data science
    NI, Wenhui SAMBa first year
    NUNN, William SAMBa first year
    O'KANE, Daire Dr James Foster Prof Chris Budd Applications of Stochastic Differential Equations in Data Science
    O'TOOLE, Patrick SAMBa first year
    PARK, Sinyoung Dr Sandipan Roy Dr Matthew Nunes Developing new tools in community detection and graph-based signal analysis
    PAUL, Allen Dr Tony Shardlow Dr Neill Campbell Diffeomorphic Statistical Shape Models and Damage Quantification in Psoriatic Arthritis
    PAWLEY, Matthew Dr Christian Rohrbeck Dr Vangelis Evangelou Statistical learning for multivariate extreme value theory
    PETERS, Timothy Dr Philippe Trinh Dr Hui Tang Modelling of ice crystal icing in engines
    PHILLIPS, Katie Prof Paul Milewski Dr Jonathan Evans Elucidating the lubrication layer arising from impacting droplets
    POON, Wing Kei Prof Gregory Sankaran Dr Johannes Nordstrom Geometry of moduli spaces of algebraic varieties
    POPKIN, Henry Dr Tobias Barker Prof Manuel Del Pino Analysis of viscous, incompressible fluids and related equations
    POWER, Jennifer Dr Tristan Pryer Dr Silvia Gazzola Mathematical modelling of radiotherapy cancer treatments
    PUGH, Ruth Prof Alastair Craw Prof Monica Musso The Hilbert scheme of points on Kleinian Singularities
    PURVIS, Caroline SAMBa first year
    QUINTANILLA TERMINEL, Sebastian Dr Kari Heine Prof Alex Cox Monte Carlo Methods for Bayesian Inference of Ancestral Recombination Graphs
    RAJA NOUREEN, Shahzeb Dr Kit Yates Dr Ruth Bowness Mathematical modelling of mammalian pigmentation patterns: Stochastic modelling of melanoblast neural crest cells
    RASHWAN, Ahmed Prof Chris Budd Statistical modelling and minimization of energy use in 5G networks
    RIORDAN, Liam Dr Xiuping Su Prof Alastair Craw Categorification of cluster algebras
    RUDGE, Alexander Dr Theresa Smith Dr William Tillett Predicting Psoriatic Arthritis (PREDIPSA): Dynamic modelling of primary care health-records for earlier diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis
    RUDNICKI, Pawel Dr Daniel Kious Prof Hendrik Weber Once-reinforced random walks on tree-like graphs
    RUSSELL, Annie SAMBa first year
    SABIR, Amin SAMBa first year
    SAMPATH, Sangeetha SAMBa first year
    SALEHI, Mohammad Sadegh Dr Matthias Ehrhardt Dr Subhadip Mukherjee Large-scale methods for bilevel learning
    SAULA, Aminat Yetunde Dr Ruth Bowness Prof Jane White Within-Host Individual-Based Model for Diabetic Tuberculosis Patients
    SCALI, Carlo Dr Daniel Kious Dr Alexandre De Oliveira Stauffer Topic of study: probability theory working title: Scaling limits for random walks in random conductances
    SCOTT, Sebastian Dr Matthias Ehrhardt Dr Silvia Gazzola Learned regularisation for inverse problems
    SECULAR, Paul Dr Sergey Dolgov Developing parallel matrix product state algorithms for the simulation of strongly-interacting quantum lattice systems
    SEWELL, Jonathan Dr Miles Wheeler Dr Karsten Matthies Mathematical analysis of vorticity fronts
    SHAW, Harry Dr Daniel Loughran Prof Gregory Sankaran Rational points on varieties
    SMITH, Phoebe Dr Ben Adams Prof Jane White Topic: Applied mathematics. Title: A control theoretic approach to the conservation of migratory species
    SMITH, Thomas Dr Simon Shaw Dr Thomas Kjeldsen Estimating the frequency of extreme events in the presence of non-systematic records: statistical models and uncertainty quantification
    SONTAG, Andrei Prof Tim Rogers Dr Kit Yates The spread of information and other stochastic processes in biology: epidemics, misinformation and collective behaviour
    STOKES, Beth Dr Richard James Prof Tim Rogers Collective Motion Under Non-Reciprocal Pairwise Interactions
    STOZIR, Marcel Dr Alex Cox Dr Clarice Poon An Adaptive Robust Dynamic Programming Approach for Decision Making under Model Uncertainty
    SYNTAKA, Theodora Dr Karsten Matthies Dr Matthew Roberts Justification of kinetic equations using graph structures
    TAPPEINER, Lukas Dr Lewis Topley Dr Xiuping Su Modular representations of affine Lie algebras
    TAVERNIER, Julie Dr Daniel Loughran Rational points on varieties
    TAYLOR, Jordan Dr Sandipan Roy Dr Matthew Nunes Prediction of Biological Meta-Data using DNA Sequences
    TENNYSON, Mark Dr Pranav Singh Dr Sergey Dolgov Multiscale Rational Krylov Methods
    TIAN, Xinle Dr Sandipan Roy Dr Matthew Nunes Development of Sparse Statistical Modelling for Neurological Applications
    TOWNSEND, Oliver Dr Silvia Gazzola Dr Sergey Dolgov Adaptive undersampling for Spectro-microscopy: exploring new mathematical properties and enhancing performance
    TRENAM, Alex Dr Tristan Pryer Prof Peter Wilson Reduced order models for battery management systems
    TSCHANZ, Calla Prof Gregory Sankaran Prof Fran Burstall Hodge theory and irreducible holomorphic symplectic manifolds
    TYLER, George Dr Luca Zanetti Prof Alexandre De Oliveira Stauffer Physics-Inspired Graph Clustering Algorithms
    UPPAL, Harkaran Dr Daniel Loughran Prof Gregory Sankaran Rational Points on Varieties
    VAN-DE-L'ISLE, Carmen Dr Marcel Ortgiese Dr Sarah Penington The Symbiotic Contact Process on Non-Lattice Structures
    VAN STEIRTEGHEM, Eliott Prof Juan Davila Bonczos Prof Manuel Del Pino The research project will be about the study of the singular behaviour of the solutions of the harmonic map flow
    WANG, Chaorui Prof Alex Cox Stochastic Control of Measure-Valued Martingales
    WANG, Fengpei Dr Clarice Poon Dr Tony Shardlow Computational Optimal Transport
    WATERS, Fraser Dr Kit Yates Prof Jonathan Dawes Stochastic Pattern Formation in Mathematical Biology
    WATSON-MILLER, Edwin Dr Philippe Trinh Prof Jonathan Dawes Pattern formation in continuous and discrete systems
    WILLIAMS, Samuel SAMBa first year
    WOOD, Jason Dr Ben Ashby Dr Nicholas Priest Antagonistic coevolution in multi-species interactions
    WORSFOLD, Jeremy Prof Tim Rogers Prof Paul Milewski Stochastic active flows and interacting particle systems
    WRITER, Henry Dr Philippe Trinh Statistical Applied Mathematics
    WU, Chuanjie SAMBa first year
    ZHOU, Yang Prof Chris Budd Dr Tom Fincham Haines Mathematical Modeling of Space Weather