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University of Bath

Doctoral College Recognition Awards Committee

The committee that considers nominations for the Doctoral Recognition Awards.

The Doctoral College manages the operations of the Prize (e.g. publicity, nominations and Prize administration) and the Committee is responsible for reviewing nominations making decisions on awards granted.

Awards are presented as part of the Doctoral Celebration activities taking place in June each year.

Appointment of Chair of the Committee

The Chair of the Committee is the Academic Director (Doctoral).


Membership of the Committee will consist of the Academic Director (Doctoral), Doctoral College Senior Management and Management Team.

Committee Members

    • Dr Rachel Arnold, Academic Director (Doctoral), Chair, term of office 2024
    • Shyeni Paul, Director of Doctoral College Operations, term of office 2024
    • Simon Gane, Head of PhD Administration, term of office 2024
    • John Brice, Head of Professional Doctorate Administration, term of office 2024
    • Julie Lewis, Head of Doctoral Recruitment and Communications, term of office 2024
    • Oli Schofield, Doctoral Training and Development Manager, term of office 2024
    • Dorcas Mumford, Doctoral Progression and Engagement Manager, term of office 2024
    • Tracey Brend, Admissions Manager, term of office 2024
    • Jacqueline Stockley, DClinPsy Programme Manager, term of office 2024
    • Caroline McMurray, Doctoral Quality Framework Officer, term of office 2024
    • Ana Bullock, SWDTP/SWWDTP Coordinator, term of office 2024