University of Bath

Engineering & Design Faculty Executive Committee

The Faculty Executive Committee advises the Dean on Faculty matters surrounding teaching, research, strategy and planning.

Full details of responsibilities can be found in the Faculty Executive Committee's terms of reference.


    • Professor Gary Hawley, Chair, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & Design
    • Professor Davide Mattia, Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Engineering & Design
    • Dr Marianne Ellis, Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching), Faculty of Engineering & Design
    • Dr Sally Clift, Faculty Director of Doctoral Studies, Faculty of Engineering & Design
    • Dr Adrian Evans, Head of Department, Electronic & Electrical Engineering
    • Professor Gary Lock, Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering
    • Professor Tim Mays, Head of Department, Chemical Engineering
    • Professor Stephen Emmitt, Head of Department, Architecture & Civil Engineering
    • Loretta Gibson, Director of Administration, Faculty of Engineering & Design, (in attendance)
    • Alice Ferns, Marketing & Communications Manager, Faculty of Engineering & Design, (in attendance)
    • Julian Sulley, Director of Technical Services,Faculty of Engineering & Design (in attendance)
    • Tracey Halliday, Finance Manager,Faculty of Engineering & Design (in attendance)
    • John Morgan, Faculty & Process Accountant, Finance & Procurement, (in attendance)
    • Alison Ryan, Faculty Coordinator, Faculty of Engineering & Design (secretary)