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University of Bath

Excellence in Doctoral Supervision Prize Committee

The committee that considers nominations for Excellence in Doctoral Supervision Prize.

The Doctoral College manages the operations of the Prize (e.g. publicity, nominations and Prize administration) and the Committee is responsible for reviewing nominations making an Award on behalf of Senate.

Unsuccessful candidates may be nominated for Awards in subsequent years.

Awards are presented as part of the Doctoral Celebration activities taking place in June each year.

Appointment of Chair of the Committee

The Chair of the Committee is the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research).


Membership of the Committee will consist of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), one senior academic representative from the Faculty/School, at least one past award winner, the Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research (Doctoral) and the SU Postgraduate Officer.

Committee Members

    • Professor Sarah Hainsworth, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), Chair, term of office 2024
    • Professor Joe Devine, Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research (Doctoral), term of office 2024
    • Professor Deborah Wilson, Dean (Humanities and Social Sciences), term of office 2024
    • Professor Tim Ibell, Dean (Engineering & Design), term of office 2024
    • Professor Duncan Craig, Dean (Science), term of office 2024
    • Professor Steve Brammer, Dean (Management), term of office 2024
    • Dr Tina Skinner, previous prize winner, term of office 2024
    • Jura Neverauskaite, SU Postgraduate Officer, term of office 2024