University of Bath

Health and Safety Committee

The Health & Safety Committee reports to the University’s Executive Committee.

The Health & Safety Committee reports to the University’s Executive Committee. Its role is to be assured that a suitable and sufficient health and safety management system is in place for the protection and prevention of all those who may be affected by the University's activities. This includes monitoring performance in respect of health, safety and wellbeing; considering, and taking action as appropriate on, reports from staff representatives; and approving Health & Safety policies, standards and guidance where these do not require the approval of the Executive Committee.

Full responsibilities of the committee are detailed in the terms of reference.


    Terms of office expire on 31st July in the year stated.

    Name Position Term of Office
    Mr Mark Humphriss University Secretary, Chair ex-officio
    Mr Richard Brooks Director of Human Resources* ex-officio
    Mr Stephen Godber Director of Estates Operations* ex-officio
    Mr Chris Young Head of University Health, Safety and Environment Service* ex-officio
    Mr Malcolm Holley Faculty of Science, Management Representative* ex-officio
    Mr Brian Schofield Head of Security Services* ex-officio
    Miss Sophie Hamer Assistant Facilities Manager, Sports Development and Recreation* ex-officio
    Mr Julian Sulley Faculty of Engineering and Design, Management Representative* ex-officio
    Mr Andrew Nash Deputy Facilities Manager - Accommodation and Hospitality* ex-officio

Elected Trades Union Safety Representatives

    Name Union
    Dr Michael Carley UCU*
    Vacant UNITE*
    Professor Hartmut Logemann UCU*
    Mr Steve Nicholson UNISON*
    Mr James Paradise UNISON*

Elected Staff Representatives

    Name Department Term of Office
    Vacant Operational and Facilities Support 2021
    Dr Brigite Nunes Simoes Rodrigues Technical and Experimental 2021
    Dr Mareike Posner Education and Research 2021
    Mrs Melanie Torrance Management, Specialist and Administration 2021

    Student Representative

    Name Department Term of Office
    Miss Kimberly Pickett-Mcatackney SU Officer 2019


    • One or more other members of the UHS&E Service will attend the Committee's meetings as appropriate.
    • Alternates are permitted for those asterisked

Meeting dates and minutes