University of Bath

Honorary Degrees Committee

The committee makes recommendations to Senate on the conferment of Honorary Degrees.

To recommend to Senate for approval persons worthy of the conferment of an honorary degree and the appropriate degree for each such person.

Full responsibilities of the committee are detailed in the terms of reference.

How to submit an Honorary Degree Nomination


    Terms of office expire on 31st July in the year stated.

    Name Position Term of Office
    Professor J Bradshaw Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International & Doctoral), interim Chair ex-officio
    Mrs C Gibbons Member of Council elected by Council 2021
    Baroness R McGregor-Smith Member of Council elected by Council 2020
    Professor J Davenport Member of Senate elected by Senate 2020
    Dr S Alegre Member of Senate elected by Senate 2021
    Professor C Frost Member of Academic Staff elected by Senate 2020
    Professor Tim Ibell Member of Academic Staff elected by Senate 2021

    The following Officers routinely attend meetings of the committee:

    Name Position
    Mr M Humphriss University Secretary
    Mr G Maggs Director of Development and Alumni Relations



    • 2 October 2018
    • 5 March 2019 - cancelled
    • 25 March 2019 - new date


    • 10 April 2018 - new date
    • 6 March 2018 - cancelled
    • 3 October 2017

    The minutes and summaries of meetings are not published here because they contain information which the University has declared will not be routinely published under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Further information about the Act (including the reasons why such information is exempt from publication). If you have any queries about the business conducted by the Committee, please contact Clare Henderson