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University of Bath

Research and Innovation Services (RIS) Management

We are the management team for Research and Innovation Services (RIS), providing strategic direction and leadership for the Department.

We provide strategic direction and leadership for a range of services for:

  • supporting academic staff to secure grant funding and realise their research ambitions
  • helping academics prepare funding proposals and accept and set up research awards
  • setting up and supporting contracts between academics and external organisations
  • offering professional project management support to academic staff
  • managing financial administration for current research projects
  • helping academic staff build relationships with industry partners
  • working with academic staff and industry to commercialise our research
  • managing the University’s research information
  • supporting potential high-growth businesses and the entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers who create them
  • managing the Department's marketing communications and events delivery to both internal and external audiences

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  • Caroline Quest

    Director, Research and Innovation Services
    Caroline Quest, Director of Research and Innovation Services (RIS)

    Responsible for leading the University’s Research and Innovations Services, helping position the University for future success in a competitive environment.

  • Kay Gallagher

    PA to the Director of RIS and Departmental Coordinator

    Providing assistance to the Director of Research and Innovation Services and the department.

  • Graham McLaren

    Assistant Director, Research and Innovation Services (RIS)
    Dr Graham McLaren, Assistant Director, Research and Innovation Services (RIS)

    Responsible for assisting the RIS Director and senior management in the operational delivery of the department and continuous improvement of service provision.

  • Philip Brown

    Head of Technology Transfer

    Phil is responsible for overseeing the commercialisation of research outcomes for the University and industry collaborators.

  • Kate Charles

    Head of Research Development
    Kate Charles, Head of Research Development

    Overseeing support for developing research grants, and working in partnership with academic research leads to maximise research funding success.

  • Richard Hocking

    Head of Post-Award and Project Management

    Responsible for overseeing project management support for externally funded research projects and the Post-Award financial administration.

  • Lizzie Hope-Dyer

    Head of Pre-Award

    Responsible for overseeing support for research funding applications and awards, and for making sure they meet funder and University requirements.

  • Katy McKen

    Head of Research Policy and Information

    Responsible for making sure information about the University's research is accurate, accessible and effectively used.

  • Jamie Whitaker

    Head of Contracts

    Responsibility for overseeing the Research and Commercialisation Contracts team and leading complex legal and contractual negotiations when required.

  • Ben Woods

    Head of Regional Development
    Ben Woods, Head of Regional Development

    Responsible for leading the University’s initiatives and strategies for regional economic development and regeneration.

  • Fi Lang

    Marketing Communications Manager
    Fi Lang, Marketing Communications Manager

    Fi manages the marketing and communications for Research and Innovation Services and for University of Bath Enterprise.

  • Chris Tickell

    Events and Communications Officer
    Chris Tickell, Events and Communications Officer

    Responsible for delivering RIS events internally, for our academic community, and externally, for our strategic partnerships, and the associated communications.