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University of Bath

Research Computing team

We help researchers accelerate their scientific discovery with powerful supercomputing solutions and expert guidance from our research software engineers.

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  • Roger Jardine

    Director of Research Computing
    Profile photo of Dr Roger Jardine

    Roger heads up the Research Computing team and leads on developing a coherent digital research infrastructure that meets Bath’s diverse research needs.

  • Georgie Wellock

    Research Software Engineer
    Georgie Wellock

    Georgie works across the University to help academic colleagues develop and maintain the software tools they need to achieve their research objectives.

  • Brem Anand Jagannathan Krishnan

    High Performance Computing Systems Developer
    Profile image of Brem Anand Jagannathan Krishnan standing outside in front of a lake.

    Brem designs and develops new technologies to support our evolving cloud environment and advise HPC users on the best use of cloud technology.

  • Deepak Aggarwal

    Research Infrastructure Engineer
    Photograph of Deepak Aggarwal in a blue suit and white, open-neck shirt.

    As a member of the Research Computing team, Deepak is responsible for the development and maintenance of the University's Research Computing services.

  • Stephen Boyle

    Research Software Engineer
    Profile image of Stephen Boyle

    Stephen works on the C-THRU research project, which aims to produce a comprehensive model of emissions produced within petrochemical industry processes.

  • Evgeniya Malikova

    Research Software Engineer
    Profile image of Evgeniya Malikova

    Evgeniya works on the design and development of a cutting-edge software platform for interacting with complex, large-scale astrophysics data.