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High Performance Computing

Our powerful research computing environments are available to academic staff and doctoral students from all departments.

Cloud, on-site and GW4 service

Achieve your research goals with Bath's large diversity of compute and data storage options.

Nimbus cloud supercomputer

High resolution HDRI panoramic view of a server data room centre. 360 panorama reflection mapping of a computer storage system interior. 3D rendering

Optimal compute and data storage solutions for your evolving research needs, including AI and machine learning capabilities.

Anatra HTC cluster

Supercomputing generated 3D render of the lowest energy molecular orbital (LUMO) of a simple Nitro-Michael addition transition state.

Technical specifications for the University's new on-site high throughput computing (HTC) cluster named Anatra.

GW4 Isambard HPC

GW4 Isambard HPC system

Bath has 15% of the compute time on Isambard. Contact Research Computing if you would like to use the environment for your research.

Start using Bath's supercomputers

About HPC, how to get access, and funding to cover your computational costs


Join our events for staff and doctoral students.

Research Software Support

12 Jan 2023 10.00am Online

Get help and advice from the University’s team of Research Software Engineers. Available to researchers and doctoral students.

Case studies

Find out how high performance computing has helped researchers across the University.

About us

We accelerate scientific discovery at the University by giving researchers access to:

  • Powerful supercomputing environments
  • Research software development expertise and training

Get started using Bath's supercomputers.

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