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University of Bath

Research Governance and Compliance

Supporting researchers, staff and students, to deliver high quality research underpinned by good governance, integrity and ethical approaches.

This team is responsible for facilitating and enabling excellent and ethical research through:

  • management of Institution-wide ethical review processes purposely designed to facilitiate and enable research with due regard for the dignity, rights, health, safety, and privacy of those involved
  • development and delivery of training to all researchers (staff and students) across the university in governance, ethics, and integrity matters
  • expert-level support to researchers with a focus on military and “dual use” export controls
  • strategic oversight of research governance policies and processes
  • monitoring compliance with relevant frameworks to ensure that research carried out at our University is ethical, lawful, and of the highest standards of integrity and rigour
  • supporting investigations into alleged research misconduct


  • Filipa Vance

    Head of Research Governance and Compliance
    Photo of the Head of Research Governance and Compliance, Filipa Vance

    Responsible for managing the Research and Governance Team to enable good quality research that is ethical and compliant with regulatory frameworks.

  • Fran Baber

    Research Integrity Manager
    Photo of Research Integrity Manager, Fran Baber

    Responsible for supporting research governance at Bath and the delivery of the University's research integrity agenda. Secretary to Data & Digital Science REC.

  • Andrea Kerridge

    Research Ethics Officer
    a photo of Andrea

    Responsible for providing advice, engaging with researchers to ensure that appropriate research ethics standards are embedded and providing project support.

  • Ema Stoica

    Governance & Assurance Manager for Research in Health and Social Care
    photo of Ema Stoica

    Leading the University’s development and implementation of a strategy to manage Health & Social Care-related sponsored research.

  • Jacob Barker

    Research Ethics Officer
    Staff photo of Jacob Barker, research ethics officer

    Responsible for developing training, providing advice and engaging with researchers to ensure that appropriate research ethics standards are embedded.

  • Dale Topley

    Trusted Research Manager
    Photo of Trusted Research Manager, Dale Topley

    Responsible for the development and implementation of university strategy and policy falling under the broad spectrum of “Trusted Research”.