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Department of Chemistry research

Our research spans from fundamental chemistry to applications in catalysis, materials, healthcare and sustainable chemical technologies.

Case studies

Read in-depth articles about our research work.

Getting ready to retyre

Professor Matthew Jones

Professor of Chemistry, Matthew Jones, talks about finding a new catalytic route from ethanol to butadiene.

Research areas

Research in the Department of Chemistry is organised into 5 research themes.


graphic showing chemical analysis in action

Characterising complex chemical mixtures and selective molecule detection.


graphic showing chemical research involvement in health care

Investigating and improving healthcare challenges.


Graphic showing molecules

Exploring the boundaries between the different states of matter.


Our facilities are available for students, research and industry.

Materials and Structures Centre

Inside an industrial autoclave

We develop and design innovative materials with unique properties to improve technological, structural and manufacturing products and processes.

David Bullett Nanofabrication Facility

Some equipment in the David Bullett Nanofabrication Facility

We provide access and training on specialist equipment for micro-scale and nano-scale fabrication for University of Bath researchers and external organisations.

Doctoral training

We provide a thriving environment for PhD researchers. We host and are partners of several centres for doctoral training across the chemical sciences.

Doctoral College

Students discussing project

We support and enrich the experience of our doctoral researchers and play a key role in developing policy and strategy relevant to doctoral study.

A fascination with chemistry

Dominic Macias

Bath graduate Dominic Macias stayed on campus for research in his third year rather than go on placement and was inspired to stay on for his PhD.

Department of Chemistry

We offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses and have a reputation for excellence in teaching, research and innovation.