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HL30468: Coaching & pedagogy 2: practical sports coaching

Follow this link for further information on academic years Academic Year: 2014/5
Further information on owning departmentsOwning Department/School: Department for Health
Further information on credits Credits: 6
Further information on unit levels Level: Honours (FHEQ level 6)
Further information on teaching periods Period: Semester 2
Further information on unit assessment Assessment Summary: CW 50%, OT 50%
Further information on unit assessment Assessment Detail:
  • Presentation (PR 30%)
  • reflective paper (3000) (CW 70%)
Further information on supplementary assessment Supplementary Assessment: Reassessment not allowed
Further information on requisites Requisites: Before taking this unit you must take HL30467
Further information on descriptions Description: Aims:
Students will become actively involved in coaching to sufficiently appreciate this dynamic, complex and multifaceted activity. Such practical experiences in the field where students will be expected to apply knowledge and understanding will facilitate critical reflection that integrates the imbued theory-practice interface leading to the development of their own coaching practice. Finally, the unit will highlight coaching as a growing vocation recognising continued learning opportunities.

Learning Outcomes:

* To actively engage in coaching in order to appreciate both theoretical and practical issues of this vocation;
* Critically reflect on their experiences evaluating their coaching performance;
* Through appreciating the demands of coaching students will be able to locate and identify potential future learning opportunities specific to their own self-development.

Critically evaluate their coaching practice utilising sports coaching, pedagogy and physical activity literature including paradigms, theories, concepts and principles from a range of sources. Such experiences 'in the field' will be intellectually communicated through written form to both understand and develop understanding of their practice and behaviours as a coach. Finally, in the presentation, spoken communication will be paramount as students will be required to determine appropriate continuing developmental opportunities specific to them and how they link to professional practice.

The initial content will re-discover and frame some existing work covered in previous coaching units discussing requirements of integration into this unit. From here students will be largely expected to be involved in practical coaching in order to meet the requirements of this unit and develop competence. Specifically, this will include delivering approximately 6 coaching sessions in order to create worthwhile experiences to critically reflect on. At least one of these experiences will be observed and students will be expected to make a significant non-assessed contribution to the end of coaching practice seminar discussing contemporary relevant ideas. The content will then shift towards developing coaching knowledge and different forms of learning through the presentation of a case-study.
Further information on programme availabilityProgramme availability:

HL30468 is Optional on the following programmes:

Department for Health
  • UHHL-AFB12 : BSc(Hons) Sport (Sports Performance) (Work-based learning) (Year 1)

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