Centre for Development Studies


Centre for Development Studies process diagram

An interdisciplinary collaborative research centre critically engaging with international development policy and practice.


The Centre for Development Studies (CDS) involves anthropologists, economists, geographers, political scientists and theorists, and sociologists. It is committed to making connections between the global north and the global south, relating local, national and international levels of analysis, and linking theory with practice and research with action.

The Centre attracts major grants and frequently collaborates with development donors, civil society organisations and NGOs from around the world as well as research councils. Knowledge and expertise is also shared through a range of academic and professional development study opportunities offered through the Department of Social & Policy Sciences at the University of Bath.

Research activity

Research publications

Publications by Centre members have appeared in leading disciplinary and multi-disciplinary journals.

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Working papers

CDS also publishes a working paper series, ‘Bath Papers in International Development and Wellbeing’.

Projects and activities

CDS projects have received funding from a range of sources such as the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Department for International Development (DFID), Templeton Foundation and The British Academy. Read more about our projects and activities.