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CGR seminar series 2017:   Environment, technology and   regulation

April - June 2017

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Evaluating the impact of standardised   packaging of tobacco in the UK

A collaboration between Dr Robert Branston and the Tobacco Control Research group

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Striking the Balance 

Professor Ania Zalewska speaks at launch of public report into how well regulators live up to the Seven Principles of Public Life

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Peer review of NERA 
 Economic Consulting Report published

Professor Ania Zalewska's independent peer review of the NERA report for the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

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The Risky Business 
 of Measuring Risk

Professor Ania Zalewska delivered an Institute of Mathematical Innovation public lecture on 19 February.

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Academic advises on ethics for 

Professor Ania Zalewska has taken part in an expert roundtable discussion on the ethical standards of regulators, organised by the Committee on Standards in Public Life (CSPL).

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Conference: “Institutional & Individual 
  Investors: Saving for Old Age”

CGR is organising a conference on  “Institutional & Individual Investors: Saving for Old Age”, at the University of Bath on 22-23 June 2015. The Journal of Banking of Finance will publish a special issue.

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Three year ESRC grant to investigate 
 the changing landscape of public audit

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The Centre for Governance and  
 Regulation announces new partnership

CGR has teamed with Redington Ltd. to provide academic expertise in common research projects on current issues of the UK pension industry.

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Professor Ania Zalewska delivered 
 Keynote Address

Professor Ania Zalewska delivered the Keynote Address at the international conference on “Global Financial Market and Corporate Governance: Issues of Efficiency and Performance “, at the University of Nuremberg, Germany

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Dr Simone Giansante to assist Bank of   Finland on Systemic Risk

Dr Simone Giansante will be visiting the Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transitions (BOFIT) this summer to contribute on targeting Systemically Important Financial Institutions in BRIC countries.

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European School on New Institutional   Economics

Professor Ania Zalewska will talk about challenges of corporate governance at the 13th session of the European School on New Institutional Economics in Cargèse, France.

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Challenges of corporate governance

Professor Ania Zalewska gave an invited talk ‘In search of long-term investors: The case of the UK personal pension industry’ at the conference on "Current challenges in Corporate Governance" organised by the Hanken Centre for Corporate Governance in Helsinki, Finland.

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Director of Centre

Professor Ania Zalewska

Deputy Director

Dr Phil Tomlinson

The Centre for Governance, Regulation and Industrial Strategy (CGR&IS) is a leading academic and policy research centre combining expertise across various social sciences (accounting, economics, finance, law, management, and politics). Its objective is to build a platform to foster leading international research and develop communication for cross-disciplinary research on the design and implementation of governance structures, forms of control and regulation that ensure that organisations, regions and markets are run effectively, efficiently, and lawfully and in the public interest. The Centre's research covers a wide range of topics relevant for the sound functioning of the financial sector, not-for-profit organisations and initiatives, industrial and environmental development. The Centre's mission is to:

The Centre’s mission is to:

  • inform academic and current practitioner debates through the provision of leading international academic and policy research
  • develop close collaboration between academic and business worlds to maximise the potential for cross-fertilisation.