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Research themes of the Centre for Governance, Regulation and Industrial Strategy (CGR&IS)

Our multidisciplinary research stretches across a wide range of subjects and questions.


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Our researchers are exploring more effective forms of governance, regulation and industry strategy

The Centre for Governance, Regulation and Industrial Strategy (CGR&IS) at Bath acts as a catalyst and facilitator for research and policy development in the regulation of markets.

As a leading research centre at the University, we bring together researchers and practitioners with a shared interest in ensuring markets, regions and organisations are run effectively, efficiently, lawfully and in the public interest.

Through our events, publications and policy work, we provide an effective platform for debate on the design and implementation of effective governance structures, and forms of control and regulation.

Our research in this field has wide ranging applications and benefits in markets such as financial services, pensions, public service delivery, health, education and the environment.

Research themes

Exploring environmental and industry issues, alongside governmental strategies, policies and regulations, our researchers are building, and sharing, knowledge within the following themes:


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