Freedom of Information

Identifying a FOI request

 A valid request under FOI has to meet the specific criteria. It must:

  • be in writing (however, requests for environmental information can be verbal)
  • provide the name of the requester and a contact address (email, post address or fax number)
  • describe the information which is requested (please contact the FOI Officer if you are unsure).

Remember that a request does not have to explicitly cite 'FOI'. If you identify a valid FOI request, please forward it to as quickly as possible (or in the internal mail to the Freedom of Information Officer if received via post).

If the request is a routine request for information that is habitually made available, please respond directly yourself.

The following should not be interpreted as a valid FOI request:

  • requests not requesting recorded information (asking for opinions, press statements, making a complaint, etc.)
  • requests from an individual for information about themselves. This should be treated as a Data Protection Subject Access Request and forwarded to the Data Protection Officer
  • routine or business as usual requests which you would respond to as a matter of course.

If you are unsure, please email the Freedom of Information Officer or call on 01225 383225