Freedom of Information

Financial information

Funding and income

The University publishes annual financial statements. These contain details of funding, income, expenditure and investment, as well as budgetary and account information and the independent auditors' report.

Financial audit reports

Independent auditors' reports are available via the annual financial statements.

Capital programme

The Department of Estates has produced a Masterplan, which sets out a vision for the development of the University campus and provides a framework for new building projects over the period 2009-2026.

Financial regulations and procedures

Our financial regulations and procedures govern the management and administration of the University's financial resources.

Staff allowances and expenses

The policies and procedures with regards to staff allowances and expenses are outlined in the financial regulations. We also publish details of total expenses claimed annually by senior staff. Previous years: 2015/16 and 2014-15

Staff pay and grading structures

Information about staff costs and senior staff salaries is included in the annual financial statements. Our salary scales detail the University pay grades system. The current 'pay multiple' (ratio between highest salary and median salary) is 12.0.

Pension Consultation

The University of Bath responded in 2014 to Universities UK's consultation on the future operations of the USS pension scheme. Read our response here The University's comments on the 2017 consultation will be published in 2018.

Register of suppliers

We maintain a database of over 4,500 approved contractors and suppliers - both currently and in the past. Because of its size, and the fact that it is subject to continual change, the database is not made publicly available. To find out more about our suppliers, please submit a request in writing.

Procurement and tender procedures and reports

The University adheres to purchasing policies and procedures when managing the procurement of goods, works and services.


We advertise a large number of contracts throughout the year. More information about contract opportunities, including contracts currently available for public tender, is published by Purchasing Services.

Where the value of procurement/contract is in excess of £174,000, the University is obliged by EU Procurement Directives to publish a contact award notice in the Journal of European Union (OJEU). These notices can be accessed by via the SIMAP website. Further information about contracts is available on request.

Details of contracts worth over £25,000 are published annually

Research funding

The Research Development & Support Office manages research funding and research accounts