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Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition

The Three Minute Thesis competition challenges you to explain your PhD research and its significance to a non-specialist audience in only three minutes!

Three minutes is not long, but it can feel even shorter when you are attempting to summarise your PhD in front of an audience using only one slide and no props.

3MT® University of Bath final 2016

After the on campus heats, this is your chance to come along to the live final to find out who will be crowned the University's Three Minute Thesis winner.

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Eligibility, rules and judging criteria

  • Participants must be registered for a research degree at the University of Bath and have completed confirmation but not yet had their final viva at the time of the competition.
  • Rules and judging criteria

Watch previous 3MT® presentations

Presentations and feedback from the University of Bath finalists

3MT®winner Amyce Aurora-Smith (Department of Mechanical Engineering)
Watch Amyce's winning presentation

Georgina Gregory, Department of Chemistry
Georgina's presentation
Georgina's reflections of the competition

Kunal Tewari
Kunal's presentation
Kunal's reflections of the competition

Federico Da Dalt
"The 3MT competition was a very interesting experience. I’ve got the chance to challenge my presentation skills and to learn from other PhD students about their research. The atmosphere was relaxed and everybody was willing to help each other in improving the presentations. I really enjoyed this, it didn’t feel as a competition! To those who are thinking about entering the 3MT competition I suggest to keep the presentation simple. Three minutes are not enough to explain complex details of your project. I also suggest to make it lively by using a colloquial speech at an easypace and inserting a few jokes (leave the time for the public to laugh if the jokes are good!). In addition, you should practice in front of other people and be open to suggestions."
Federico's presentation

The 2015 3MT UK competition