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Keeping up to date with current research - setting up alerts


To receive details of the latest articles and conference proceedings, you can set up e-mail alerts or RSS alerts.  This normally requires you to register your details with a particular publisher or database.  Information about different types of alerts, and how to set them up, is provided below.  If you would like any help setting up an alert, please contact your Subject Librarian.  

Alerts for the tables of contents of your favourite journals 

The quickest and most reliable way to get tables of contents alerts is to visit to the Journal homepage on the publisher's website.  Most journals provide alerts in either e-mail or RSS format.  However, if you want to set up tables of contents alerts for a long list of journals, these services are recommended: 

Alerts for a topic or author  

You can set up these alerts in Web of Science Core Collections, Scopus, PubMed and various other databases.  If you require any more information about this, you might like to refer to the relevant database guide if available. Databases also include help sections. 

Web of Science Core Collections (WoSC): WoSC is a sub-set of Web of Science which covers high impact journals and conference papers in a wide range of subject areas.  Alerts may arrive several weeks after the article has been published.  Important: it is not possible to set up alerts in any other Web of Science sub-sets.  To set up WoSC alerts:

Citation alerts

Chemical structure/subsctructure alerts

Identify emerging authors, publications & institutions in your topic area