Quality management

Quality Assurance Code of Practice statements

QA Code of Practice statements now updated for 2018/19.

QA Code of Practice: complete as at 10 October 2018.

Introduction with links to other internal and external policies and statements

QA3  Approval of New Programmes of Study (including Annexes)

Download QA3 (PDF)  (including Annex A - The Academic Framework: Guidance for Programme Planners, Annex  B - Credit Framework and Annex H - Individual programmes of study)

Annexes  C – G, Programme design information relating to assessment under NFA-AR:
Annex C - First degrees  
Annex D - PGT programmes  
Annex E - Foundation degrees  
Annex F - Honours Year programmes 
Annex G - CPD Framework programmes

 QA4 Amendments to Existing Units and Programmes and the Approval of New Units

Download QA4 (PDF) 

  • Form 2 Withdrawal of Programme

QA6 Placement Learning

Download QA6 (PDF)

QA7 Research Degrees

Download QA7 (PDF) 

QA8 Professional Accreditation

Download QA8 (PDF)

QA9 Professional Development and Recognition for all staff and students who teach and support learning

Download QA9 (PDF)

  • Form 1 Approval of Teaching Assistants
  • Form 2 Approval of Units on which GTAs may mark

QA12 External Examining (Taught Provision)

Download QA12 (PDF)

QA13 Degree Scheme Reviews

Download QA13 (PDF)

  • Form 1 Guidance for members of Degree Scheme Review panels and panel minute template
  • Form 2 PED guidance and template
  • Note 3 Guidance for student members of DSR panels
  • Form 4 DSR typical action plan template 

QA16 Assessment, Marking and Feedback

Download QA16 (PDF)

  • Form 1 Form to request an extension 

QA20 Collaborative Provision (Taught)

Download QA20 (PDF)

QA22 Recruitment, Selection and Admission of Students

Download QA22 (PDF)  NOTE: This statement will be revised shortly.

QA28 Conduct of Examinations 

Download QA28 (PDF)

QA31 Recruitment and Support for International Students 

Download QA31 (PDF)   NOTE: This statement will be revised shortly.

QA33 Personal Tutoring

Download QA33 (PDF)

QA35 Assessment Procedures for Taught Programmes of study

QA35 Assessment Procedures for Taught Programmes of study

  • Appendix 1 - Role of the independent observer (IO); Template for IO reports
  • Appendix 2 - Agenda and minute templates and guidance:
    • Template 1 - Board of Examiners for Units: Notice of Meeting
    • Template 2 - Board of Examiners for Units: Minutes
    • Template 3 - Board of Examiners for Programmes: Notice of Meeting – continuing students
    • Template 4 - Board of Examiners for Programmes: Notice of Meeting – finalists
    • Template 5 - Board of Examiners for Programmes: Minutes – continuing students
    • Template 6 - Board of Examiners for Programmes: Minutes – finalists
  • Appendix 3 - Attendance tables
  • Appendix 4 - Guidance on the scaling of marks for assessment

QA37 Student Exchanges

Download QA37 (PDF)

Annex A - Support for students undertaking exchanges/study year abroad

  • Form 1 Approval of new exchanges
  • Form 2 Erasmus+ agreement template
  • Form 3 Memorandum of Agreement (for non-Erasmus) 
  • Form 4 Renewal of exchanges 

QA38 Induction of Students

Download QA38 (PDF) 

QA41 Distance Learning Provision

Download QA41 (PDF)

QA44 Programme Handbooks and Programme Specifications

Download QA44 (PDF)

QA45 Accreditation of Prior Learning

Download QA45 (PDF)

QA48 Student Engagement with Quality Assurance and Enhancement

(including Annex A: Staff/Student Liaison Committees for Doctoral Programmes and
Annex B: Staff/Student Liaison Committees for Taught Programmes)

Download QA48 (PDF) (Updated for 2018/19)

  • Form 3 Annual report template for Postgraduate Research programmes

QA51 Annual Monitoring of Units and Programmes

Download QA51 (PDF) 

Please refer to statement QA51 before accessing these forms:

  • Form 1: Undergraduate template
  • Form 2: Postgraduate taught template
  • Form 3: Collaborative Provision
  • Form 4: Unit monitoring template (non mandatory)
  • Form 5a: Faculty summary report (undergraduate). Form 5a is for faculty use only.  For UG programme AMRs please use Form 1
  • Form 5b: Faculty summary report (postgraduate). Form 5b is for faculty use only.  For PG programme AMRs please use Form 2

Forms 6-10 (Unit evaluation): These report templates can be downloaded from SAMIS with the quantitative data for the unit:

  • Form 6 Unit evaluation report template (standard units)
  • Form 7 Unit evaluation report template (placement units)
  • Form 8 Unit evaluation report template (study abroad units)
  • Form 9 Unit evaluation report template (distance learning units)
  • Form 10 Unit evaluation report template (placement and sudy abroad units)

QA53 Examination and Assessment Offences

Download QA53 (PDF)

QA55 Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance 

Download QA55 (PDF)

QA56 Continuing Professional Development

Download QA56 (PDF)

29 previous QA statements have been withdrawn:
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