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Pure is a Current Research Information System (CRIS) which answers many of the University's current research management and reporting needs.

The University has implemented Pure to act as a single point of information about our research. Pure takes data on research from our existing data systems (Agresso, SAMIS, iTrent and Opus) and combines it with data stored directly in Pure (e.g. impact and esteem activities) to provide an overview of research at Bath. It provides a vital tool for research management; reducing the requests for research data from departments and enhancing the data available for planning purposes.

Pure contains data about and can report on all aspects of research information, including (but not exclusively):

  • Research staff
  • Grants and contracts
  • Publications
  • Research impact
  • Collaborations
  • Post-graduate research students.

This information will be available on the desktop to every member of staff in a tailored view: i.e. academics can see data on their own research projects, publications and students; HoDs on their Department; Deans and Associate Deans on their Faculty. Access to all data is strictly controlled both within and outside the University to ensure potentially sensitive information is not made widely available.

Pure and Open Access

Pure enables the University to meet the funders’ Open Access compliance requirements; you can find out more about these on the Library’s webpages. Consult the Pure user guides for information on how to upload your publications data and the full text document to Pure.

University of Bath Research Portal

From autumn 2017 information about the University’s research (publications, projects, equipment and datasets) is displayed on the University of Bath research portal. The portal profile pages aggregate information at an individual and organisational level. Academic and research staff and postgraduate research students can edit their profile pages in Pure to include information about their research interests and specify what content should be displayed. For any questions about the portal please contact

Pure & REF2014

Pure was used to prepare and make the University's REF2014 submission. The submission was made in November 2013, with the results due to be published in December 2014.

The pages below offer user guides, updates and information on the features of Pure:                                                             

Pure Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pure User Guide                                

Pure training

If, once you have read the guides, you would like some help with Pure, please contact to arrange a one-to-one training session.

We run regular training sessions to give an overview of Pure and how to add key data.