December 2022: Information about shareable equipment added to Pure
During 2022, we have updated the Pure information about University’s internally and externally shareable equipment and facilities and this information is publicly visible to all on the University’s Research Portal. The work was led and carried out by Materials Characterisation Instrument Specialist Dr Rémi Castaing and the Director of Research Infrastructure and Facilities Dr Anneke Lubben. If you would like to add more information about an equipment or a facility, please contact There will be further updates to Pure equipment and facility data in 2023.

November 2022: Adding visual content to the portal profile page and outputs
With the latest Pure upgrade, it is possible to add more visual content to the research portal. This is the first step to a more visually engaging research portal. Currently, we can add the following:

  • images to the researcher profile page (see guidance)

  • embed a video on a research output page (see guidance)

  • add images to equipment pages (contact [])( to update this information

  • add images and embed videos on the departmental and research centre pages (contact to update this information)

November 2022: PlumX Metrics enabled on the research portal output pages PlumX Metrics provide insights into the ways people interact with research outputs in the online environment (for example, where the publication is cited or tweeted about). PlumX information is categorised into 5 categories: Citations (including policy citations), Usage, Captures, Mentions, and Social Media (for more details on each of the categories please see the PlumX metrics overview). PlumX Metrics are added to Pure based on the output DOI and/or Scopus ID. On the research portal, you can view the metrics where an output has a PlumX icon next to it – scroll over for a summary of PlumX Metrics and click on the icon to view the PlumX page with more information. You can see a summary of PlumX Metrics for all your outputs on the personal overview screen when logged onto your Pure account.

October 2022: New personal user interface
On 13 October, Pure was upgraded to a version 5.24 which introduced a new look and feel of the Personal overview page. Pure developers will be carrying out a number of changes over the next year to make Pure more modern, user-friendly and accessible. The personal user interface is the first step in this direction. More on the new interface here.

October 2022: Changes to Pure Activity and Research Outputs categories
Following feedback from a Pure user survey (December 2021), we are making a number of changes across the system to include more in-system guidance and improve the clarity of Research Output and Activity categories. In particular, we have revised the Activity categories to make it clearer where to capture various activities. For more information and examples, please see the Activity page.