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Adding research activities to Pure

How to record your research activities in Pure.


Different research related activities can be added to Pure as 'Activities', such as:

  • editorial or grant peer review boards
  • committees
  • engaging with schools
  • organising and attending conferences

Activities are included in your Research Activity Report. They are not currently displayed on the University of Bath Research Portal.

Adding activities

Select the green ‘Add content’ button at the top right of the screen and select ‘Activity’. Next, choose a template.

To help you identify the most appropriate template we have created ‘A guide to entering common research-related activities in Pure’. This guide is particularly useful if you need advice on how to record your conference activities and outputs.

General rules to filling in the template

When filling in your chosen template:

  1. Complete all mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk
  2. Add as much information as possible
  3. Leave the ‘Keywords’ section empty
  4. Under ‘Relations’ link your activity to your other content in Pure. For example, for your impact records you should identify the activities you have undertaken to achieve impact
  5. Remember to save your record before you close it

Pure user guides

See other Pure user guides.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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