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Adding projects to Pure

How to add your research-related projects to Pure so that they are included on your Research Activity Report.

Only research projects are pulled in automatically from Agresso

On a daily basis Pure receives details of all research applications and awards recorded in Agresso since 2008, that is, all research funding with an ‘R’ code.

However, for your Research Activity Report you may wish to record research-related funding, for example, public engagement grants and studentships, or collaborations where no income comes to the University. You may also want to record funding you held at your previous university. On your Research Activity Report all these projects will be classified as ‘Non-funded’.

Adding projects

To add a project click on the green ‘Add content’ button at the top right of the screen and select ‘Project’.

Next, select the most appropriate template. For example, if you are adding a project that you undertook at a previous university, select ‘Project at a former HEI’. If it is research-related funding, including GW4 accelerator or public engagement funds, select ‘Research-related funding’.

General rules to filling in the template

Filling in the template

  • 'Nature of activity type': categorise the type of funding you received
  • 'Title': use the formal title of the grant if it had one. If not, choose a title that will be meaningful to you and others in the future
  • 'Total funding (non-Agresso projects)': add the value of the grant
  • 'Description': the first line should be the funder
  • 'Participants': add internal or external people
  • 'Collaborative partners': add details of your collaborative internal and external organisations, for example universities and stakeholder groups
  • 'Life cycle': you must add a start and end date for your project to appear in your Research Activity Report. The dates can be approximated
  • 'Related applications and awards': link to your related applications and awards held in Pure
  • 'Project relations': link your project to your other projects in Pure and define their temporal relationships. For example, was the project seedcorn funding that has now led to a full application, or was it public engagement funding to disseminate the findings of another project?

Pure user guides

See other Pure user guides.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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