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Adding your ORCID to Pure

How to add your ORCID to Pure, to reduce duplicate data entry.

Adding your ORCID to Pure

ORCID is an identifier which distinguishes you from every other researcher. It also supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognised.

If you already have an ORCID you can add this to Pure; if not you can create one in Pure. Once linked, all your publications in Pure will feed through to your ORCID profile. Systems such as ResearchFish can harvest data from ORCID, reducing the need to add data to multiple systems.

Linking your Pure profile to ORCID

Creating a link to an ORCID profile via Pure follows the same process whether you already have an ORCID or not.

  1. Log into Pure
  2. Select edit profile
  3. Select the Create or Connect link
  4. Read the data transfer description and click proceed
  5. New to ORCID? - register an account (you will receive a verification email that you must action to complete your registration)
  6. Existing ORCID? - login using your ORCID credentials
  7. Following authorisation you will be redirected to your Pure profile where the ORCID will now show

Remember to save your profile record.

Data transferred from Pure

Pure updates ORCID on a nightly basis with the following data:

  • Other ids, such as Scopus
  • research outputs that are either ‘e-pub ahead of print’ or ‘published’ with visibility set to ‘public’

Currently we are only able to send content from Pure to ORCID. For information on importing data from ORCID into Pure, contact

Pure user guides

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What is ORCID?


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