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Guidance on the Research Activity Report

Research Activity Report Overview

The Research Activity report has been developed to support SDPR, probation and promotion processes. The report is simple to use and will easily and quickly collate all your relevant research information.

  1. For SDPR the report should be run for the last two years and submitted with your completed SDPR form.
  2. If you are going to be submitting either a probation or promotion case then the Research Activity report will need to be inserted into your probation and promotion report template in order to meet the requirements of the Academic Staff Committee.

We recommend that you log in to Pure and run the report as soon as possible in order to see what data you currently have within Pure. You can ensure the end date for the report captures future planned activity by selecting a future end date.

Section 1 Research Applications Overview

This section summarises your application history for the period that you have run report based on 5 different statuses. These are:

  • Application Submitted to Funder
  • Application awarded by Funder
  • Application rejected by funder
  • Offer not finalised
  • Withdrawn

Section 2 Research Applications

This provides more detailed information on your applications/awards. All this information is automatically imported from our Finance system Agresso. If you see any errors in the data please contact with the details.

This section is sorted by descending application date. Applications/Awards will be included on the report if the date the application was submitted falls within the period that the report is being run for.
Further information on where applications/awards information comes is available.

Section 3 Projects with No Income to Bath

This section is section is sorted by descending start date.
Further guidance on how to add “Projects with no income” to Bath is available.

Section 4 Research Publications Overview

This section summarises your research output history for the period that you have run report based on 4 different statuses. These are:

  • In Preparation
  • In Press
  • Published
  • Unpublished

Section 5 Research Publications

Publications are sorted by Type e.g. Journal, Book and then limited first by status so that “In Preparation” and “In Press” always display at the top for each type and the remaining publications for that type are sorted by publication date descending. Further information on Publication Statuses is available.

If a research output has a publication date of a year rather than a specific date then on the report will be displayed as 01/01/xxxx.
Please add your estimated percentage contribution to the publications; this is especially important for probation and promotion cases.
Further information on how to add Publications is available. This is also a good opportunity to check all your publications are open access.

Section 6 Impact

This section is sorted alphabetically by Title Ascending Order.
Further information is available on how to add Impact records to Pure.

Section 7 Postgraduate Supervision

The information on Postgraduate Supervision is imported from SAMIS. This section is sorted in an ascending alphabetically by Students surname.  If you supervise DClinPsy trainees you will need to create a separate comment box within the Probation Report entitled 'Any Other Research Activity Not Covered in the Pure Research Activity Report'.  This can be added after the merged report and details of supervision can be added here.
Further information is available on how postgraduate supervision is added to Pure.