Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Research centres

Centre for the Analysis of Social Policy (CASP)

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´╗┐An interdisciplinary research centre undertaking critical analysis of the conceptualisation, design and evaluation of international policies across a range of major social issues. Our researchers attract major grants and frequently collaborate with NGOs, charities, local, devolved and national UK government and international bodies.

Centre for Death & Society (CDAS)

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An internationally recognised research centre specialising in social aspects of death, dying and bereavement. We work across disciplines to address policy and practice concerning the dying, the dead and the bereaved, undertake academic and commissioned (government, charities and businesses) research on end of life issues, and act as a communication gateway to others in the field as well as the general public.

Centre for Development Studies (CDS)

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An interdisciplinary collaborative research centre critically engaging with international development policy and practice with research expertise across Africa, Asia and Latin America. It is committed to making connections between the global north and the global south, relating local, national and international levels of analysis, and linking theory with practice and research with action.

History of Technology Research Unit (HOTRU)


Founded in 1964 as the the Centre for the History of Technology HOTRU has established a national and international reputation in its field, particularly in industrial archaeology and conservation studies, the development of the stationary steam engine, marine and aero-space technologies, gunpowder history, the gas industry, and the history of the engineering profession.

Tobacco Control Research Group

SmokersRun through the Department of Health, this multidisciplinary group produces high quality research that evaluates the impact of public health policy and the impact of broader policy changes including investment and trade liberalisation on health. The group is part of the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies, one of the five UK Public Health Research Centres of Excellence.