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Year Long Units Guidance

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Quality Assurance Committee has agreed that the following four parameters should regulate the dimensions of "year long units" within programmes of study. Academic staff involved in designing programmes of study should be aware of these parameters when creating year long units.

The first three parameters derive directly from the University's modular framework and are aimed at ensuring a degree consistency in unit and programme design. The final parameter recognises that year long units may, in theory, involve a substantial proportion of semester one (although year long units are more normally envisaged as comprising a smaller semester one component, with a larger semester two component). This parameter defines the maximum proportion of semester one teaching that can be devoted to a component of a year long unit. The parameter's intention is to ensure that students have the opportnuity to receive a reasonable degree of summative feedback on their semester one academic performance.

The four parameters are:

  1. Credit value of the year of study must equal 60 credits.
  2. Total credits for year-long units cannot exceed 36 credits.
  3. Units contained within a semester should have a credit value of 3, 6 or 12 credits.  Project units or placements may have a greater credit value, based on multiples of 6.
  4. A minimum of 2 units with a total value of at least 12 credits must have summative assessment in semester 1.


Further Guidance

Documents illustrating possible combinations of year long units and a diagrammatic illustration are available here:

Diagrammatic Examples of Year Long Units pdf

Possible Permutations of Year Long Units pdf



60 credit placement units are not regulated by the conditions articulated above.

If a proposed year long unit, other than a 60 credit placement unit, does not meet the above criteria then the programme designers should submit a case to Quality Assurance Committee to ask for an exemption from the modular framework for this unit.