If you need to report a confidential issue affecting your research and you feel unable to share it with your supervisors or your departmental Director of Studies, you will now be able to do so by accessing a link available in your six-monthly progress reports and on the University website.

This link will connect you to a simple form that when completed can be routed via the Doctoral College to your Faculty or School Director of Doctoral Studies, or the Academic Director of the Doctoral College, who will get in touch to discuss the issue in confidence.

This new mechanism is intended to supplement the other existing means by which you can raise issues:

  • Supervisory team. If you encounter problems with your research project you are encouraged to talk to your supervisors in the first instance.
  • Departmental Director of Studies or Centre Manager. If those problems relate to issues with your supervisory team, you might want to discuss them with the departmental Director of Studies as a starting point. Or if you are part of a CDT or DTP you could talk to your Centre Manager.
  • Faculty Director of Doctoral Studies/Academic Director of the Doctoral College. If the problems you face cannot be resolved at the department or centre level, you can now use this new facility to seek confidential, independent advice at the faculty/school or Doctoral College level.
  • University Independent Advisor. You can contact the University Independent Advisor for Postgraduate Research students for confidential consultations when you feel unable to discuss the issue at the department, faculty/school or Doctoral College level.
  • SU Advice & Support Centre. The Student's Union Advice Team offer free, independent & confidential advice on academic, personal & housing issues. The Advisors can help you understand University policies and procedures, clarify your options, draft statements, and attend hearings with you. Email them in confidence at suadvice@bath.ac.uk.

There are also other services available to you if you have a problem:

  • Doctoral College. If you need help with obtaining approval for changes in circumstance (for example, suspensions or extensions) or to your progression milestones, or if you need advice on accessing different services or funding support, you can contact your Doctoral College administrator.
  • Support and Report. If you want to report a case of harassment, assault or misconduct you are encouraged to do so using the Support and Report tool.
  • Student Services. If you require specialist wellbeing support, financial advice, counselling and mental health support, disability advice or support targeted at international students you may want to contact Student Services.

If you have any questions about the new mechanism for reporting confidential issues, or if you would like to discuss the appropriate route to take with your particular problem, please contact the Doctoral College.