We are delighted to announce that ActNowFilm: young people in conversation with climate experts has partnered with One Young World to amplify youth voices on the climate crisis. ActNowFilm is a global youth voices film series, produced by the University of Bath Institute for Policy Research (IPR) and Cambridge Zero, and supported by the UK Universities Climate Network (UUCN).

ActNowFilm: young people in conversation with climate experts seeks to highlight the value, place and importance of youth voices in the urgent climate debates. It will feature exchanges between young people and international climate experts, including leaders from indigenous communities and representatives from business, policy, the third sector and academia. The aim is for this film to be presented to delegates at COP28.

The film builds on the successes of two previous ActNowFilm projects, which gave young people living across the planet the opportunity to tell COP decision-makers, in their own words, and through intergenerational conversations, why addressing the climate crisis is critically important to future generations. These films were showcased in the Green Zone at COP26 and the Blue Zone at COP27 respectively.

One Young World is a global community of leaders that seeks to inspire and empower young people from across the world to build a fair and sustainable future for all. Its annual summits bring together the brightest young leaders from every country and sector for several days of speeches, panels, workshops and networking opportunities, centred on finding innovative solutions for the most pressing planetary challenges. Attendees join a global network of over 15,000 One Young World ambassadors, that work to bring about lasting change in their communities, companies or countries.

In partnering with One Young World, ActNowFilm seeks to further increase its global reach whilst providing selected members of the One Young World network with the opportunity to become more actively involved in the planning and production of the film.

One of the ActNowFilm lead producers, and Head of Policy Programmes and Communications at the IPR, Amy Thompson, explains:

Young people will be the leaders in the future and the future they face, due to the impacts of climate change, is increasingly more terrifying and uncertain. We believe many young people have the skills, credibility and passion to make contributions now to what this future could look like. We hope to demonstrate this via ActNowFilm and the conversations between committed, driven and articulate young people and global climate experts. We believe that young people should have a role in international climate debates and be able to contribute to how we design and transition to a sustainable future. We are delighted to collaborate with One Young World on this project as their mission of empowering and developing young leaders to tackle pressing global challenges is so closely aligned with the aims of the ActNowFilm project.

If you are a young person (under 30 years) interested in featuring in ActNowFilm: young people in conversation with climate experts, you can apply by completing this expression of interest form. The deadline for applications is 2 May 2023. We also welcome nominations, including self-nominations, for global climate experts that we can invite to feature in the film.