Following the success of ActNowFilm, the University of Bath Institute for Policy Research (IPR) and Cambridge Zero (University of Cambridge) are collaborating once again to produce ActNowFilm2: Global intergenerational conversations on climate change.

ActNowFilm, a short film compiled of youth voices from around the world, gave young people living across the planet the opportunity to tell policymakers and decision-makers, in their own words, why stopping climate change is important to future generations.

Put together by a team of student volunteers and colleagues across the IPR and Cambridge Zero, as part of the UK Universities Network (UUCN), it received worldwide coverage last year at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26).

This year, with support from the UUCN, the hope is to showcase the voices of young people once again at COP27 with ActNowFilm2.

The film will be complied of individual intergenerational conversations, between young people and community elders, to explore how climate change is affecting them, their hopes and fears for the future, and how things have changed over their lifetimes.

These conversations will be led by young people and seek to show and discuss what has been done to protect people and place against the effects of climate change, and whether these interventions were successful or not.

This film is an opportunity for young and older people living across the planet to tell decision-makers, in their own words, their experiences of climate change and why climate action is important to them and future generations, what they are campaigning for and what messages they would like to give to the COP27 negotiators.

One of the film’s producers, and Head of Policy Programmes and Communications at the IPR, Amy Thompson, adds:

"We’re really excited to be producing ActNowFilm2 and look forward to working with young people from around the world. By listening to intergenerational conversations on individual and collective experiences of climate change, our hope is for this to be a really impactful way of showcasing the impacts of climate change over the lifetimes of both living generations, and also to hear intergenerational ideas on what climate action needs to happen and what changes they want climate decision-makers to make."

How to get involved

Submissions for ActNowFilm2 are now open. Further details on how to submit - including guidelines, terms of references and technical specifications – are available via the ActNowFilm2 website. The deadline for submissions is 25 September 2022.